About Sammy

More Than A Rising Star…

Chef Sammy Davis picture

“To say that I came from humble beginnings would be an understatement, I came from horrible beginnings…” Excerpt from the forthcoming book by Celebrity Chef Sammy Davis titled “CHOPPED AND CHEWED”. As if being born to a teenage heroin addict wasn’t enough, years later, Chef Davis lost his father to a brutal and senseless murder. At the age of 8, Davis was sent to live with a relatives who instead of helping, just poured more fuel on the fire by abusing he and his sister. They both grew very tired of the abuse and left the home to seek refuge in the streets of North Philly. There he was exposed to and faced every type of life changing situation one could hope to never endure. By chance, the young, teenaged Chef Sammy, happened upon a restaurant. He was looking for any type of work that he could find. One restaurant gave him a chance to work as a dishwasher for $20 a day. With this meager living, Chef Sammy managed to provide for and take care of himself. He was determined that his life would not have the same end as his father. He embraced the restaurant business and it, in return, embraced him. ” In some weird type of way you could say that restaurants saved my life”. His story is a story of redemption. Of how fitting is it for him to come back and win the latest season of CHOPPED: REDEMPTION on Food Network and attempt to establish himself as one of the best in the culinary world.

After working in New York City’s AMY RUTH’S COMMUNE followed by a brief stint at NOBU, NY under chef Nobu. From whom he learned the art of using fresh fish daily. Davis fell under the guidance of Chef phenom, Jeffrey Slade. Chef Davis also worked under Chef Roy Yamagucci (Roys) where he worked his way up from dishwasher to executive sous chef. Chef Sammy has also had the pleasure of working under Chef KochiChiba, who was #1 Kaseki chef (tapas) by USA TODAY.

Chef Sammy later won D.C.’s BEST MAIN DISH in 2011. Davis was also the brains and consultant behind some very well  known restaurants such as: CR LOUNGE (CREAM LOUNGE),  THE RESERVE, MILAN and AZUL 17, just to name a few. The newly elected Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, was quoted saying, “His talent and food is some of the best. We are glad to now have him in our city.”

Chef Davis has won many awards in Atlanta, including “Best Tapas” 2006 and has had several appearances on GOOD DAY ATLANTA. All of which is good because that is where he plans to pick up from, “…right where I left off at… I feel like I’m back!” 


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